The Salesforce Apprentice – Inaugural Post

The Salesforce Apprentice Inaugural Post

Inaugural Post

Hello World.

Hello universe and beyond. I am Joe Kyle and I welcome you to the Inaugural Post for The Salesforce Apprentice – a blog where I will post weekly reports and updates on my continuing journey toward Salesforce mastery.

Yawn, another Salesforce blog.
“Preposterous!” you cry, “The last thing we need is another blog about Salesforce. Such a foolhardy endeavor.” And yet I forge ahead despite the existence of many well-established beacons-burning-brightly of Salesforce knowledge on the Internet. Every galaxy has its gassy upstarts.

“But really Joe, why bother?” Well with the growing popularity and adoption of Salesforce I believe there is also a growing demand for people who can support Salesforce end-users. And these burgeoning admins and developers are at various stages of Salesforce understanding. The fact is many of us are not Salesforce experts yet. We are people who are actively learning and we measure our Salesforce expertise in months, weeks, days, or hours, rather than in years. And heck, we are very bright and capable people who just happen to be learning a new skill. No shame in that. We’ll catch up, and along the way we can support one another. These are my people.

Joe Kyle, A Brief History of Folly, Burning Tractors, and Words From a Master
Being persistent is a good thing. However being persistent beyond the point where any rational person would cut his or her losses is folly. By November of 2015 I had worn a deep and fruitless groove in my life having attempted for over ten years to harvest a career in my chosen field of marketing. Clearly it was not to be. So in disgust I flipped my marketing tractor into a ditch, set it on fire using my MBA as kindling, and walked back to civilization in search of a new career.

Not long after, I found myself sharing a meal with an old friend who happens to be a Salesforce legend. A Salesforce Supernova.

“Joe” my friend said, “with your background in marketing, sales, business development, writing, graphic design, and analytics, if you can learn Salesforce you’ll have a great career.”

Since that evening I have absorbed all of John Copperedge’s website Certified On Demand, I’ve achieved the rank of Expeditioner on Salesforce Trailhead by capturing 52 badges, and I passed the Salesforce Admin 201 exam. (After failing it the first time – more about that in a future post.) I’ve also been lucky enough to get some hands-on experience in Salesforce with my current employer.

What to Expect From The Salesforce Apprentice
In simple terms this blog will serve as a travel journal as I explore the Continent of Salesforce making note of its crowded cities, lush countrysides, its oddities, and its wonders.

Some broad categories worthy of discussion will include: Trailhead, getting certified, staying certified, what do employers care about, accidents, incidents, Salesforce fame, finding work, and in general, the efforts of a Salesforce Apprentice.

I also hope to offer some encouragement and solidarity with others who may be at the same point on the Salesforce learning curve. You are not alone my friends.

Thanks for reading, keep an eye out for my next post. Let’s just see how this goes.

Yours Declaratively,

Joe Kyle

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3 Responses to The Salesforce Apprentice – Inaugural Post

  1. Anonymous February 22, 2017 at 10:27 am #

    So well written and best of luck to you in your new Salesforce endeavor!

    Your loyal colleague,
    Carol G.

  2. Daryl February 24, 2017 at 2:54 am #

    Good luck and if you need some more certs under your belt, head over to and do the App Builder course. Advanced Admin course is coming soon!

  3. Daryl February 24, 2017 at 2:56 am #

    One more suggestion – put a captcha on your blog comments or it will be full of spam real quick!

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