What is “The Salesforce Apprentice”?
The Salesforce Apprentice is a blog where I, Joe Kyle, will catalogue, expound, rant, inform, captivate, and essentially put forth a record for the world of my Salesforce journey from absolute beginner to, well, whatever comes after that. In short, I am a self-taught Salesforce Admin who would rather not go through this learning process along. That’s where you come in.

Who is Joe Kyle?
Iā€™m a husband, a Bostonian, a dog owner, a reader, a writer, a good cook, a quick wit, and a Salesforce.com apprentice. My expertise beyond Salesforce is grounded in marketing, business development, communications, and sales.

Where Have You Been Joe?
I’ve had the good fortune of working for both start-ups and billion dollar giants and in most cases I’ve reported to C-level executives ā€“ a role I’ve grown to enjoy. I’ve worked with architects, scientist & engineers, database marketers, and people in retail.

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