“I’ve known Joe for four years, since he joined and worked for Infoscitex Corporation (IST) beginning in April 2006.

Most recently, Joe was employed by IST as a Business Development and Commercialization Specialist. During Joe’s employment with IST, he has served in a number of roles and has proven to be an adaptable and resourceful employee with a demonstrated ability to satisfy internal customer needs and produce quality work in a timely manner. Joe consistently demonstrated his willingness to provide assistance across all levels of the organization.

Joe’s responsibilities included the coordination of a variety of business development activities including proposal preparation, marketing collateral production, web-site maintenance, and customer event and trade show support. Joe is well-spoken and possesses good writing skills. Joe does well with cold calls; quickly developing an easy rapport with potential customers. Over the course of his employment with IST, Joe’s interpersonal skills have resulted in strong relationships across the organization. Joe was a dedicated, positive, and conscientious employee who would be an asset to any organization.”

Stuart S. Haber
President & Chief Executive Officer
Infoscitex Corporation

“Joe is very likeable, outgoing, and always willing to do anything to help you if you need it. His ability to make contacts, organize his contacts, and know just who to call when you need that connection always made my job much easier.”

Brian O’Keefe
Group Leader, Software Systems & IT
Infoscitex Corporation

“Joe Kyle is one of those rare individuals who combines talent, dedication, honesty and a terrific sense of humor. During the five years we worked together at Epsilon, Joe proved to be highly organized, a good listener and an innovative self starter. The company that hires Joe will be delighted.”

Dick Murdock
Vice President, Creative Group

“I had the pleasure of knowing Joe as a friend and colleague throughout his tenure at Epsilon. His dedication, competence, reliability and enthusiasm are just a few of the qualities that facilitated my job as Art Director on a day-to-day basis. I can honestly say that Joe thoroughly enjoys his work, and welcomes each and every challenge with a strong aptitude for problem-solving. The organization that ultimately takes advantage of his savvy will certainly be the better for it.”

Joanne Hemerlein
JSH Design, Williamsburg, VA

“I have known Joe for over ten years and have worked with him both professionally and personally. His enthusiasm, his problem-attacking ability, and his infectious sense of humor are the cat’s pajamas. He is wonderfully intelligent and his combination of analytic sense and creativity demonstrate that his brain fires equally well on both hemispheres. As an employee, Joe is a joy and a prize. If I were in a hiring position, I would have no need of placing ads, reading resumes or conducting interviews. I’d just say, Joe — welcome aboard.”

Robert Fernandes
Manager of Web Development and Groupware
Epsilon Data Management

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